Colour of Couture very LAST challenge

And than the last challenge of this amazing contest “Colour of Couture”!!!


Diane von Fürstenberg RESORT

Ohhhh gosh … I thought… when I first read the last envelope of CoC I just thought  that’s such an hard mission… how can I make it “Unexpected” ????

And here my friend Xanadu Damiano came in my help and she modified for me one of best pieces and anfter that again and again since …here the resoult


I mixed and metched e different kind of jewels, 2 clothe designers, and 3 accessories creators

don’t ask me how i did it but look at the Finesmith earrings on the bag, bracelets for anklets and a big ring adorning the my woody bracelet

shoes are from two different pairs but same creator!!! (I don’t know if anyone noticed it)

But after that I was happy with my “unexpected” mission



Styling Card

Dress custom form XANADU DAMIANO 

 XANADU_Ladies Shorts
XANADU_One Shoulder Top with Ruffles

Leggins: FP Gold Tights

“LoQ Hair” Shaved Hairbase – Black
“LoQ Hair” Whisky II – Black
“LoQ” London C. Green (Gold) – No Pose (R)


…here come the fun…

:: PM :: Noble Bracelets -Wood Mix II- (R&L) -gold-
:: PM :: Noble Earrings -Wood Mix II- (R&)  -gold-
:: PM :: Noble Nails -Wood Mix II- -size 10- (L&L)  -gold-

::je suis…iconique::waist belt::turqouise

::je suis…voyante ring *gemstone* that enriched the PM bracelet

Finesmith Ocean winds necklace
ocean winds bracelets used like anklets
ocean winds earrings for adorning my bag

SHOES from Sim-I-Lar

Otranto Shoes Left Shoe (White)

Grosseto Right Shoe (Wht Pat)


.:Glamorize:. Jaded Black – Light Yellow

Lush Cosmetics: Gold Glaze Lip S2


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