Crazy Cheap Outfit TDR # 2

Today I was coming down to The Dressing Room shop and omg! I find very very interesting items… I bought everything (like always) lol

Styling CARD:


Ricielli Mesh – (XXS) Jumpsuit One Shoulder //leopard+magenta


*YS&YS* Stiletto Ibiza Pink TDR L&R


blackLiquid MAKEUP – 1930s Light Raspberry Lips Gloss


99Hair -Shaved Tattoo STARSIDE -black T0
99Hair -Shaved Tattoo SHORTY -black


N-core Manicure L VERDI nails

TDRspecial Australia Bag

[ glow ] studio – Plume Collier (gold)
[ glow ] studio Exotic ring green
[ glow ] studio Fiori Bracelet
[ glow ] studio Fiori Earrings L
[ glow ] studio Fiori Earrings R


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