SOLO EVANE Mix’n’Match Contest

YEEEY I made it finally last night I won the first place on Solo Evane Mix’n’Match Contest… So many efforts and so much work finally leading somewhere… I nearly cried yesterday I know that can sounds a kind of pathetic for someone but that’s what I felt… because to me is all bout the feelings I have when I am but there the stage the heart is speeding for some reason… Is almost as I’m there in RL I know is wierd but that the only reason I’m keep modeling  and to be the honest beaning choose as the best in between soo many beautiful models shocked me, it was so unexpected and such a joy …and that was my reaction… almost cried!

I wanna thanks everyone of you, all my readers  and every person that always give me his support and love.

looove you all :*


 Pictures and styling card fron the Mix’n’Match I styled for this event



~Blacklace~ Blacklace Angel: White Sheer Satin Stockings
~Blacklace~ Blacklace Angel: White Satin Corset Top
~Blacklace~ Blacklace Angel: White Satin & Lace Panties
~Blacklace~ Blacklace Angel: White Satin Corset Bottom (no Gart)

~Blacklace~ Aphrodite: White Garter Belt
~Blacklace~ Aphrodite: White Lace, Corset Top

*LpD* – *La Nuit* White & Black (Collar Version 2)
*LpD* – *Spring* Dress White – Laces (Skirt)


**GizzA** Twisted Dress [White] Belt
**GizzA** Y U L A InspiratioN – Butterfly Left Upper Arm
**GizzA** Y U L A InspiratioN – Butterfly Left Upper Arm [mod]

*Solidea Folies* Valentine Vintage hat/red
CHAPELLERIE MissMila by *SoliDea FoliEs* My Promise/white silk
N-core Manicure – Withe


Chop Zuey Venetian Wine Ring
FINESMITH- Let it drop earrings


Solidea Folies guobarbie boots – all grey left


lipstick *Fatima 9
Miamai_LesMakeups_Monica Lipstick Red 03
blackLiquid MAKEUP – just gloss


Vanity Hair: Babette noir

This is the picture I sent for attend the finale


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