Yesterday I won the month of  June in OGlam contest “iNSIDE”  and I’m so happy and proud of it..! http://www.oglamagency.com/2012/08/june-2012-betty-draesia/

The question made at pageants this month was: “What RL designer has inspired you the most to be outrageously glamorous and why?”

Theme that I loved because I really took my inspiration for an RL creator and this was my answer:

Today to be outrageously glamorous I’ve been inspired by the master of androgynous and futuristic fashion Yohji Yamamoto, I looked at the shapes of this big name of the haute couture and just fallen in love with them so destructured, futuristic, different from everyone else, he is always been the emblem of fashion in all the world, I love his genius because in 40 years of his presence on the fashion market he never been predictable, yes I can say that’s why I’ve been inspired by Yohji Yamamoto and I could find in OGlam mall all the items necessary to create this outfit because is always up to date and all the best creators on the grid are there.

Styling Card:

Jacket and Pants:

Indyra Kato leggings
Indyra Kato legging cuffs
[sYs] VEGA – jacket F (linen Ska) size M – OGLAM Exclu!
[sYs] VEGA – jacket (female) Alpha 2.0

Jewel and Accessories:

Swaggers Skullobs earrings
::je suis…iconique::waist belt::black
[ChicZafari] – Leather Bag
[ChicZafari] – snake and spikes ring.
[ChicZafari] Pumps Elephfant Skin


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