The Late Sun

Hello everyone!!!

Form  miss”stillworkinginRLbutinholidaywannabe Betty” 🙂

here one of the late summer outfit I just made with the new Eliyn Long Skirt released by PULL DESIGN last week (coming in many different textures)  and the mesh Casandra Bag from JD DESIGN, in the fat pack you can choose 7 different colors and textures plus…. taking off the VOGUE news paper from the inside or the camera and iPhone from the side..

than amazing new Vanity Hair Jioni and mesh sandals from Shey Fashion in red… lovely!


[ENVY] Hearts String Bikini Top BLUE METALLIC

][PULL][ Eliyn Long Skirt

Shey Venezia Sandals Red

Bag Cassandra FatPack

TDRspecial Cool Bangle IV


Vanity Hair: African Base-Soil
Vanity Hair: Jioni HP-Soil

now you can find my fashion posts in BOSL blog fashionfeed


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