Magic inside you

I remember when I was a little kid any was pretending to have some magical super powers… in a certain way we have those powers inside us but the hard things is to keep it alive, don’t let you up set by the world, keep clean your thoughts… and dream dream dream!


“”D!va”” Hair “Diva2” (Fatpack Box) GIFT for 30.000 Group members (you need the group)

“”D!va”” Hair “Diva2” (Onyx)

Complete Outfit of INNUENDO Style      350L 

*BUTTERFLY* by Ciccia Bergamasco Shoes

*BUTTERFLY* by Ciccia Bergamasco Bracelet

*BUTTERFLY* by Ciccia Bergamasco Mesh Dress 

*BUTTERFLY* by Ciccia Bergamasco Earrings

*BUTTERFLY* by Ciccia Bergamasco Ring

::GB:: Cute Pearl Ring Nails    GIFT  (you need the group)

^^Swallow^^ Lisa Skin_tdr      70 L   (crazy price for this Skin that is absolutely amazing!!!!)  TDR item


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