MVW 2013 – Bliss Show Challenge

For this time we had to create a dress with some full perm pieces from Bliss Couture we couldn’t change any textures… I saw so  many beautiful creations that seriously I was stunned in front of all misses…

This was my creation for the show, I wanted to give a Gothic twist at this dress by thinking at a vampire who just feed and the victim blood was all over her dress, hope you like it.


Dress by Betty made up with all BLISS COUTURE veils and mesh gown


!*Bliss Couture*! Aphrodite Hat


blackLiquid MAKEUP – just gloss
*VoguE* Spooky Make Up ~ Mystery Lace w/o lipstick
Miamai Red Lipstick


!*Bliss Hair*! Sierra Hair – Cavia


(Yummy) Pearl Cuff (L)
Eclectica Flounce-earrings
CHOP ZUEY Venetian Wine Ring


blackLiquid SHOE – Ultra Platform Powder


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