Miss Virtual World 2013

Hello everybody,

with this post I will tell you a little bit of the finale show in MVW 2013. I had the honor to represent Australia, and I did the best I could.

That night everyone were trilling and we experienced so many emotions that is hard to describe, the reason why I am doing this job in SL… it’s all about emotions to me.

My National costume was inspired to Akasha seen as the dark side of an ancient goddess …


I wrote this words to make you feel my inspiration for this outfit:

sunset and then dawn, sunset and again dawn, the rolling whirlpool of a frenetic movement of the Australian land, and ants… like ants…. to her eyes, meanness beings feeding themselves and then dying while ignoring her quintessence, aborigines supported by one only leg, their pedestal, philosophers, mediums and yet not sensitive enough, and a chant…. sing aborigine, sing and whine your thoughts because you know She is here, you can feel her, her eyes rise at sunset and vanish at dawn to enter your bowels, yes.. you can feel her…

She exists, looks at you, watches you and her voluptuous growls surround you, greedily asking for your soul… tremble aborigine, bequeath your fear, unconscious sense of something that you cannot grasp, the sound of her steps, the sharp yet scented smell of your death…. aborigine, the sense of touch… her silks whirling around you touch your hips, the taste of the sand that blends to the cane you use to lean on… aborigine,
look… a dazzling twinkle… far away and undefined… look aborigine, you know… so far away a queen is walking towards you, and you… aborigine, you just blink your eyes and when your eyes are open again.. she’s already embracing you, she’s Akasha, Queen of the Damned, old demon reigning since the beginning of the world, you belong to her… aborigine, you knew it. Akasha, the sparkling yet dark queen is here for you, damned man.

A special thank you to Belle Roussel (CHOP ZUEY) for this amazing dress made of beautiful jewels and precious veils,

Monica Outlander – MIAMAI for the best hair ever

and last but absolutely not less important Audrey Cresci – THE MUSE POSES for all my poses

and all the friends that supported and loved me in all these months. Thank you so much!



The Formal gown


This Dress is inspired from Jadore Dior,

queenly ivory, the velvet movement in the reflex of each step, style flows on her body sculpted by Venus. It mirrors the glances and women’s desire on her dress, men’s desire on her wearing that dress, on the elegance that melts easily two tastes of style, Dignity and Seduction, warm and sensual honey, enduring such precious beauty entwined to a golden soul and then offering them, she parades, she mirrors and shines like a true queen.

This dress wants to be a symbol of precious beauty but also with a deep soul and when I described the idea at Mila Tatham she wanted to give her touch as a queen bee with a gold soul and a little Honey shine, voluptuous and warm like only a real queen with dignity and passion can have. I loved so much the idea of the organization and meaningful that they represent, nectar of life, that’s how this dress is born as it is.

Thank you to:

Mila Thatam – Solidea Folies for this beatiful dress,

Belle Roussel – Chop Zuey for the amazing jewels

and Audrey Cresci – The Muse Poses for all my poses again.



All my skin are powered by ^^SWALLOW^^thank you Lucia for your amazing work and to be such a good friend of mine!

I had the fortune to share this incredible experience with my friend an amazing photographer Natzuka Miliandrovic, Miss Italy and first runner up MVW 2013,  she did those beautiful pictures… and congrats you represented our country in such a charming way. I’m so proud of you!!

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