Name:  Betty
Surname:  Draesia

Rez date: 13 november 2010
RL Time Zone: Europe – Rome (+1)


MISS V♛ AUSTRALIA 2013 – finalist in the Miss Virtual World contest for the title of MISS V♛ WORLD 2013

Winner of OGlam iNSIDE Month of June 2012

Winner of Mix’n’Match SOLOEVANE Contest 2012

MBV ♛ Mato Grosso – winner of Miss Photogenic 2012

“Colour of Couturel 2012” 3rd runner up


Model for:

– Finesmith Design
– Beauty Posh
– K.V. Fashion Dreams
– Carisma

Graduated with:

– Miss Virtual World Accademy
– Mimmi Boa Model Academy – MBMA
– Katiuscia Vollmar Fashion Agency
– Mamis’ Style Agency

A bite of myself:

I’m a model here in SL because is something that always i wanted to do in RL
My goals: to became a Super Model well known.
I always do my best in everything I am doing, I usually fix my goals and I do everythings I can in the best way to reach them.
Always happy and willing to learn new things, new people, new worlds… if there is a better way to reach goals I’m always open to get new paths and I’m sure we can always learn from each others.
I belive in friendships more than relationships “a good friend is always by your side a good husbands may change idea” 🙂

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