Back in SeconLife

I’ve been out there for a big while now, I did things, I went back to school and big changes are still happening but in the last few weeks I logged in and I’ve find a lot of surprises… an old role-play group of friends, the Mycenaeans still exist and they play so well together since 2009 this is amazing, I’ve even met some of them in real life. Ancient Greek RP was the first thing I did since my day 2 of Second Life back in the 2010, the world is changed so much since than and I find it amazing and still so beautiful, actually now even more than before with BENTO and mesh bodies, hands are moving with AO wooow, so I decided to come back blogging again, it’s fun and relaxing.

I love it!

LeLutka Bento Head Simone 2.5

Hair: no.match – gorup gift NO_TEARS

Dress: Caboodle – Luna Sash – Light Blue

Dryad Vines Arms ornament by Caverna Obscura




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